YOLO, Lee Ju-ae

Long board skater, Lee ju-ae


MLB : Please introduce yourself.
Juae : I ride long board and create related video, Lee juae
MLB : Tell me details about you.
Juae : I was ready for being teacher in Education uni, I left last thesis and start to ride board.

I was enjoyed to ride my board as hobby and my video is spread on the internet luckily.



MLB: What did you do for being long-boader major?

Juae: I don't think i am major,  But I was able to tell you about life, once I wanted to leave beautiful photos and videos,

so I tried to put my own color in the same technology. In fact, I started shooting videos for posture correction.

I always look at the video and study posture, and I become increasingly concerned about fashion.

I think it's more differentiated than my longboard-only friends. (Laughs)



MLB : Do you wanna send messeages for being long boarder?
Juae : Don't be greedy, Don't compare with others. These two are the most important thing.

When people starts to ride long board, they get some greed and are sick of riding easily.

Plus, people have so many different thing in sport ability and riding style, when starts the comparison it won't be finished.

The priority is 'enjoy my lif'e and riding board is the happiest part of my life! 


MLB: What is MLB for Ju Ae?

Juae: MLB CREW was Wannabe. I started wearing sports socks and bra tops while boarding
In the past, Iwore a lot of feminine styles.
In fact, I always dreamed of the style of a crush style while watching the style of MLB CREWs.
 And I must live like them! I thought that (laugh).

MLB: I'm curious about your personal thoughts about MLB.
Juae: Everyone knows that MLB is stylish, but I especially like the women line.
I think that the mood that the brand-specific hip-hop street mood can put out only for the woman is good



MLB: What if there is a change in MLB CREW activity?
Juae: I have been shooting video-oriented, so I always had the obsession to show dynamic board technology and I was reluctant to photograph.
However, when I started the MLB CREW activity, I started taking pictures and I realized the charm of photography with this opportunity.
And it was also good for the followers of my followers. I have a chance to do various activities while doing crew activities!



MLB : Please describe ootd.
Juae : I think wavy texture clothing makes me more energetic and prettier.

So, today i wear baseball jersey without button and make me sporty mood with bra top and shorts.



MLB : Any interest thing nowadays?
Juae :  I started freediving for two years, but I did not really enjoy the level 2 certification.

But recently, I have been thinking about dive crews and I want to do free diving professionally. And the day is really hot.

I think I'm going to die on board, so I'm in the water in summer for a while (laughs)


MLB: I want to hear about your future plans.

Juae: Since you chose this path as a career, should you be working more as a creator?

Now I want to plan my daily videos as well as sports videos. And I was based on Instagram.

We are now going to expand our channels, including YouTube and live broadcasts, and upload content periodically.

MLB: What will be the future migration?

Migrant: It will be the same as now. I do what I want to do without worrying about the surroundings.

Later, even though I'm old, I wonder if I am enjoying playing around like it is now (laughs)





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